Getting to Know us

We have been growing as a father and son team for over 20 years. For many generations past we have been connected to the land as growers, dairy farmers and lumberman. It is our passion to grow food that nourishes people, and we enjoy teaching the process to those that come to visit. We have an active farm-lab experience partnering with GRPS’ North Park Montessori. Although we are not certified organic, we use time-tried sustainable methods. If you have any questions about our applications or pest-management practices, we are happy to provide explanations and examples.

Visiting the Farm

We love having visitors at the farm. We are passionate about passing on our knowledge of the land and produce to anyone who is interested. Please call us ahead of time if you would like a tour, or to talk about the farm. We are frequently out in the fields, and stopping by without a scheduled time, means we might not be there.

Contact us via email or phone to set something up!