The Partnership of Community Supported Agriculture

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA allows people to have direct access to good, fresh produce grown locally by a farmer. When you become a member of a CSA, you’re purchasing a “share” of produce from your region for the growing season. A typical growing season is from July to November.

When you purchase a share from Peach Ridge Farms each season, you are entering into a relationship with not only the growers, but the elements too. We begin each new year with intention and care in the selection of seeds, cultivation of our soil, and stewardship of our orchards and berry patches. Occasionally temperatures and other environmental elements like pests or disease can take us on a different path. For our part, we will grow a large variety of favorite fruits and vegetables that are fresh, clean and flavor-full.

Why Should I Join a CSA?

Buy Local

Your support helps local farms and families stay afloat. By connecting with a CSA, you are also connecting with the food you eat. Take advantage of knowing exactly where your food comes from – come meet the people who are bringing your food from the earth to your table.

Good, Fresh Food

Buy the freshest food for your family. It’s delicious, we promise! You have the opportunity to explore new foods and learn to cook with them. We try to provide you with recipes and tips frequently, as we know this is new turf for a lot of people.

Be Healthy

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit – it is better for your body, fun to prepare, and we always like making new friends who enjoy produce the way we do! Share healthy eating habits with your kids. Exposing them early to a variety of local produce means they are more likely to continue eating healthy for the rest of their life.

Protect the Environment

Support farmers who take care of their land by growing food in ways that take care of the soil. Do your share to help our world by cutting down on the number of miles your food travels from the farm to your plate.

Become a Member!

You may download our 2018 contract and mail your contract to us with a check. Or, send us your contract via email and pay online!

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